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Ron & Mylana Wallace
President & Owner

   Ron Wallace, founder and president of Quality Fixtures, is a third generation carpenter.  Beginning in residential construction, Ron quickly gained a reputation for his quality craftsmanship and his integrity.  After more than six years in residential construction, Ron began working in  commercial construction, working for companies that specialize in shopping mall tenant build-outs.  Over the next five years Ron became increasingly dissatisfied with the quality of the millwork that was being produced, the constant delays, and overage costs, by many of the commercial cabinets companies that he encountered.  Desiring to bring the same level of quality and integrity to the commercial cabinet business that Ron demonstrated in his previous positions, Ron began to focus on commercial millwork.  It was with this passion that Ron began Quality Fixtures.  Ron's desire to work closely with the customer, commitment to quality and integrity has been the driving force of our success.  Ron and Quality Fixtures live by the old fashion policy that "a man is only as good as his word".  At Quality Fixtures we strive to keep our word.

    Since June 1986, Quality Fixtures has been producing quality millwork for our commercial clients.  We have been providing full and partial packages to office buildings, hospitals, schools, churches, and financial institutions for over three decades.  In 1992 we received our first national client, Sweet Factory, supplying complete millwork packages for more than 100 locations.  Since then Quality Fixtures has been supplying complete millwork packages from design to installation for other national companies, for thousands of locations all over the United States.

Dave Alvarez
V.P. of Operations

Our Team

   Dave Alvarez, started with Quality Fixtures in 2001, became lead framer in 2005, then shop foreman in 2010, and in late 2018 became the lead programmer for our CNC router.  His knowledge and skill in all areas production make him an invaluable member of our team.

   Daniel Haverstick, our current shop foreman hired on with the company in late 2007 after his honorable discharge for the United States Army. He started out framing cabinets and moved through every department mastering the skill and techniques it takes to run each of them.  He became the shop foreman in 2018 and has been instrumental in navigating our team through the last few years.

   Floyd Towle, our primary installer is a true master carpenter and fantastic craftsman.  He and his team are the face of Quality Fixtures on the jobsite.  They are experts, handling every install under every circumstance with a knowledge that has grown over 30+ years in the industry.  When they are on the job, it gets done, period.  They will walk and punch-list their own work, communicate with the GC on site and not leave until everyone is happy.

   The rest of our team have mostly been with us for many years and are true craftsman.  Whether they came in with the skills from previous employment or have learned it in the years they have been here.  We are humbled that they have stayed with us for so long and are proud of the work they produce.  We have had other long term employees that have moved on to start new careers, join the military, and become entrepreneurs.  We are always on the lookout for skilled craftsmen to add to our team.

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